Vortex Mixers



CAPPRondo Vortex Mixer:

The CAPPRondo Vortex Mixer is an essential piece of

equipment for everyday mixing operations in any laboratory.

Thanks to the brushless DC motor, CAPPRondo Vortex Mixer is

maintenance-free and ideal for extended runs. Its adjustable speed operation

ranges from 300 to 3.000 RPM, providing thorough mixing and quick

vortexing, and enabling high performance in terms of speed, reliability and safety.

  • The timer setting and clear digital display enable comfortable work and full control of your vortexing process
  • CAPPRondo Vortex Mixer is chemically resistant
  • and has a robust design, ensuring long-term
  • The in-built counterbalance prevents it from
  • ‘walking on the bench’ and the microprocessor
  • control provides ultimate efficiency.
  • CAPPRondo Vortex Mixer can be activated
  • either by touch or via the continuous vortexing
  • It vortexes with a 4mm orbital diameter
  • and has a maximum loading capacity of 1kg.
  • The unique programmable pulse mode
  • of CAPPRondo Vortex Mixer increases its
  • mixing efficiency.
  • CAPPRondo Vortex Mixer comes with a conical
  • tube attachment. A round disk attachment with
  • base is also available as an accessory.