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About Science Emporium

Empowering Innovation, Enhancing Precision: Science Emporium - Your
Partner in High-Tech Excellence.

Science Emporium is committed to providing top-tier services, instruments, and technology to various sectors. Our emphasis on sustainable growth and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Specializing in repair, calibration, installation, and trading of high-tech instruments, we ensure quality and reliability. Our mission is to deliver a competitive edge while maintaining integrity and fostering strong relationships across our customer base.

Our Story


Vision Statement of SCIENCE EMPORIUM:

To be the best quality source of Services, Instruments and Technology for diversified Customers are most important who deserve best.


Mission Statement of SCIENCE EMPORIUM:

We will always focus upon sustainable growth, strong local presence, continuous development depends upon customer satisfaction, Cooling knowledge and competencies. With these values we encompass through the full spectrum of our customers, consumers, Business partners, employees and our communities with high integrity to deliver unique competitive edge.


What We Do:

SCIENCE EMPORIUM! Primarily engaged in providing truly wide variety of services to our diversified customers from healthcare, manufacturing, technical research, production industries, and education sectors.
We specialize in repair and maintenance, calibration and validation, installation, onsite repair, in-house repairing, on-site trainings, application support, warranty extension, maintenance plan for the Laboratory instruments, healthcare equipments, industrial automation and instrumentation, spare parts and consumables. We are providing services as well trading to entire spectrum of high tech instruments for the following segments.

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20-Maclegan (Jamal-Ud-din Afghani) Road, Lahore Pakistan

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+92 4237249228



Science Emporium was established in 1987. At the embryonic stage we are focusing to provide quality products and services from technological advanced nations to the local market.

Address: 20-Maclegan (Jamal-Ud-din Afghani) Road, Lahore Pakistan

Tel: +92 4237249228

Email: info@science-emporium.com.pk


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