Sugar Polarimeter – Saccharimeter

With its worldwide unique quartz-wedge technology, the Saccharomat V is a fully automatically compensated sugar polarimeter. The working principle with quartz wedges is unique and unrivalled in accuracy until today. This Polarimeter does not need recalibration and will deliver reliable results throughout the entire product lifetime. Energy saving LED light sources keep maintenance efforts minimal.

ID-N° 16230 (multiple variations in specifications below) 


  • High performance patented sugar polarimeter
  • Intuitive user interface
  • No re-calibration needed
  • High stability of measuring values
  • Measurement of dark samples after filtration with SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Autofilt Z with NIR-WL
  • High resolution 7″ TFT touchscreen
  • Energy saving LED light source
  • Combination with Polarimetry possible – SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer

Easy to use:

With the use of corresponding polarimeter tube and its self-sealing coupling for quick and safe connection to water circulators, an automatic temperature compensation is made possible. The Polartronic V allows even for dark samples with a high absorption to be measured at NIR wavelength (882.6 nm) after filtration with the AutoFilt Z unit. Additional clarification is not necessary. Paired with ATR P, Pol and Brix values can be measured simultaneously – see SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer. The continuous measurement can be performed under user-specific methods selected over the intuitive operation system displayed by a high resolution 7” TFT touch screen that can be individually adapted. In addition to the freely programmable formulas up to 1000 scales are freely programmable.


The Saccharomat V is most often used within the sugar industry and sugar harvest, making it relevant for agriculture. Sugar purity and dark molasses can be analyzed with the highest reliability.

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Product in detail:

As quartz has an optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) almost identical to that of a sucrose solution, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH developed a unique mechanism using a quartz wedge to compensate for small wavelength shifts. In other words, quartz and the sample react in an identical way to small shifts of wavelength, and these shifts are automatically compensated and the effect becomes irrelevant. This ensures long time stable high precision measuring results without the necessity of recalibration over the lifetime of the instrument. Beside the unnecessary recalibration the Saccharomat V uses an energy saving LED, keeping the maintenance efforts minimal. The functionality of the device can be monitored using triple quartz control plates.