Each of the detection methods have their respective advantages. The miniTOC is more convenient for pure and ultra pure water (conductivity < 2 µS/cm, optional also up to 30 µS/cm), whereas the uniTOC unit offers a wider application spectrum. Both systems have also an offline mode to measure grab samples. All systems can be qualified with IQ/OQ documents.

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Analyze Pure And Ultrapure Water With Our TOC Analyzers From MembraPure

TOC Monitoring for all major lab applications

  • Benchtop, wall mounted (with inclined display) and bench-integrated configurations
  • compact housing with small foot print
  • Fast & easy cartridge replacement
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • intuitive software
  • up to 12 months trackable water quality values
  • integrated TOC monitoring
  • large touchscreen
  • flexible and lockable dispenser



online & offline mode
TOC range 0.5 – 1000 ppb
conductivity measurement


online & offline mode
TOC range 2 ppb (15 ppb) to 5000 ppb (20 ppm)
NDIR measurement