With its wide range of probes and cells, the TX-700 is the ideal tool for your texture analysis. Thanks to its touch screen directly displaying the curves, its method programming capability, storage and analysis of measurements, the TX-700 will integrate in laboratory and production area.

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  • Choice of five load ranges up to 50kg
  • The TX-700 has a large 7’’ colour touch screen which allows comfortable use and optimal viewing of measurements.
  • Large selection of probes available and custom probes can be made with choice of material, shape and size according to your criteria.
  • Choice of two adjustable base tables allows for for versatility of sample testing
  • Available test modes plus a calibration check
  • Easy-to-read display and easy-to-use, intuitive controls
  • Provides a “real life” insight into physical properties
  • 21CFR compliant with option OF RHEOTEX software
  • Texture Profile Analysis (TPA cycle) specific for the Food Industry
  • Storage of your measuring methods. Data can be backed up and exported using a USB key.
  • USB and RS232 outputs
  • Conforms fully with GME and GMIA monograms for gelatin Bloom assessment;
  • Gelatin Bath System available for sample conditioning
  • Easiest-to-use Texture Analyzer in its class
  • Supplied with Texture Loader software to allow creation of customized tests
  • Can be used with optional software, RHEOTEX , to easily create custom reports and graphs
  • Texture Analyzer operating in Compression and Traction with 7” Touch screen

DISPLAY: Force – Speed – Distance – Temperature – Time – Level of sensitivity Date/hour – Choice of force units: gram or Newton

Integrated adjustable turntable: diam. 160 mm. Table for attaching inserts: 120 x 220 mm. Available Operating Modes: Compression – Relaxation –Traction – TPA Cycle – Penetrometry and relative compression mode also.


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