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The particle measuring system Syringe® was specifically designed for lab operation. The system includes the sample feeder Syringe®, the PC insert card PCI 1.0, the evaluation software and the PC. For the pharmaceutical sector the evaluation software SW-CA is available; the system is equipped with the laser sensor LDS 23/25 usp. It works in the range of 1-50 μm linear and is specifically made to meet the requirements in the pharmaceutical sector. For contamination control of water, beverages and other process liquids the laser diode sensor LDS 30/30 and the evaluation software SW-PE is normally used. The system can measure a particle size of 0.9-139 μm. As option the unit is also available with magnetic stirrer. The system is optionally also suitable for particle size analysis. The particle is dispersed in the liquid; the greatest possible concentration of 120,000 particles/ml must not be exceeded.

With the software program SW-PE for normal liquids up to 256 freely selectable particle sizes can be measured. The evaluation can be executed as cumulative or distributive according to particle numbers or volume and/or dimensions. A flexible export to MS Excel for further evaluation and processing is possible.

The program SW-CA was specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. It allows the execution and evaluation of measurements according to the USP standard / Pharm EUR. Measurements or measuring sequences according to company specifications are possible. Likewise measurements that have been executed with diluted solutions can be evaluated. Log printouts as well as tabular representation are possible

Areas of application:
Particle counting in the lab area, contamination control of liquids, quality control of pharmaceutical products, residual dirt analysis, particle size analysis.