With its motorized lift, built-in temperature controlunit and all the features of the CONE PLATE VISCOMETER, this newcone-plate rheometer optimizes your measurementsand guarantees high performance even without acomputer!

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+ Automatic lift for gap. +User-friendly LCD touch screen with graphical display

+ Quick attachment with AC265 coupling. + Shear rate and shear stress control.

+ Direct curve on display.

+ Ramp programming.

+ Direct analysis with regressions.

+ Direct control of temperature unit.

+ Huge viscosity range.

+ Programming and recording method.

+ Direct measure with time to stop.

+ 21 CFR compliance for controlled user access and data securityUser and locked mode.

+ Data recording and USB transfer.

+ Torque gage on display.

+ Integrated temperature probe.

+ Printer connection.

+ Compatible with RheoTex software.

DISPLAY: Viscosity (cP/Poises or mPa.s / Pa.s) – Speed – Torque – Time –Temperature – Shear rate – Shear stress

Save and show your flow curves and calculate your rheological parameters directly without computer (Plastic viscosity, flow limit, Thixotropy,

Regression models according to Newton, Bingham, Casson and Ostwald) . Simply connected to a printer, it is easy to print a measurement report containing the information, curve, measured values and results of the rheological analysis