K LAB CO., LTD has invented and distributed a broadband spectrophotometer by using the high precision method and the high resolution array sensor method based on the accumulated technologies. In addition, we have fully tried to meet the convenience of products and customers’ satisfaction on their performance with regard to these as the prime value.

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OPTIZEN SERIES are produced based on high technologies and strict quality control and provide superior performance, design and convenience to other to our customers.

The products can grasp the quantitative characteristics such as density or purity by measuring transmittance or absorbance according to wavelength of sample in the range of ultraviolet light spectra and visible light spectra. OPTIZEN SERIES can be utilized from not only a general analysis experiment to but also a specialized research field.

The spectrophotometers guarantee accurate measurement and excellent reproducibility, accordingly offer reliable results in the various fields such as environment, biotechnology, chemistry, etc.

The users can choose various modes according to their purpose to use. Windows/Android-based application helps the users to use easily to the equipment.
OPTIZEN spectrophotometers can measure easily a plenty of samples by using automatic Multi Cell Holder.

The Multi Cell Holder made based on the precise light path design and micro stepping control technology, enable the users to measure the sample accurately, swiftly and conveniently.

OPTIZEN Alpha (190~1100 nm)

  • Double-beam Type
  • Spectral Bandwidth : 1 nm
  • Measurable Range : -4~4 Abs
  • High-performance
  • Embedded PC (Windows)
  • 8″ Display

OPTIZEN POP (190~1100 nm)

  • Single-beam Type
  • Spectral Bandwidth : 1.8 nm
  • Measurable Range : -3~3 Abs
  • High-performance
  • Embedded PC (Windows)
  • 7″ Display

OPTIZEN Alphalook (190~1100 nm)

  • PDA Type (1024 pixels)
  • Spectral Bandwidth : 1 nm
  • Measurable Range : -3~3 Abs
  • Full Spectrum Measurement Time: < 2 s
  • Compatible with Android Tablet & Windows PC
  • High-performance