Potentiometric Titrator



Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

This is a cost-effective model that achieves a low price with the minimum necessary equipment.


– Record information on electrodes

By using a smart electrode cable with a built-in IC chip, information such as calibration results and replacement date and time can be recorded on the electrode itself, not on the device itself.
Even if multiple electrodes are replaced and used, there is no need to recalibrate.

– Equipped with a new burette unit

The new structure, which places the switching cock on the top of the cylinder, has reduced the dead space in the piping between the cylinder cocks, and has reduced the amount of residual liquid when changing reagents compared to previous models.
Also, unit replacement has become much easier.

– Output measurement results in PDF format

Measurement results can be converted to PDF and saved to a USB memory stick, allowing you to manage them as electronic files.

  • By connecting an Android device, titration curves can be displayed in real time.


Industrial products, pharmaceuticals, food, petroleum products, etc.