Muffle furnaces

Our high accuracy Muffle furnaces with fiber- insulated chambers are designed by a group of professional engineers and made from high quality materials. Main parts are manufactured in our factory, such as heavy-duty metal parts and thermal insulation materials. Fit with a selection of precise digital controllers and certified heating elements to ensure excellent temperature stability. The furnaces include ceramic hearth plates. The furnaces are excellent for scientific laboratories, educational institutions, medicine and for industrial use, to be used for hardening, loosening, normalizing, and other thermal processing up to temperatures of 1100°C or 1300°C.

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High accuracy electric muffle furnace SNOL 3/1100 is a universal laboratory furnace, firing up to 1100°C and designed for material testing and heat treatment such as hardening, loosening, normalising ceramic and stoneware samples. To eliminate gases or smokes that are released during thermal processing, an exhaust system may be additionally installed in the product. The furnace is an excellent fit for scientific laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios, medicine and industry.


  • One piece high thermal efficiency, vacuum-formed ceramic fiber chamber;
  • Heating elements, embedded in a vacuum formed fiber, are inside four walls of the chamber;
  • Textured stainless steel exterior;
  • Door opens upwards;
  • Door safety interlock switch;
  • Control panel is placed in the underpart of the furnace;
  • Microprocessor – temperature controller;
  • Ceramic bottom plate;
  • Fast heating time due to low thermal mass construction;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Good stability and uniformity;
  • 1 year warranty.