Sieve Shaker

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GEM 200

GEM 200 Digital has a digital display panel with an installed digital timer, users can set up the desired operation sieving time between 0 sec to 99 mins 59 secs. The system features a pause/start option, which enables users to operate the shaker with intervals. GEM 200 Analogue has an analogue timer to adjust the operating time between 0min-60min, users can simply turn the dial to the desired time to start the operation.

GEM 200 3D

Users can adjust the amplitude from 0-9 steps in order to control the sieving power and shaking intensity. Introduces the function of an interval operation. User can either run the shaker continuously or with intervals. The GEM 200 3D sieve shaker allows users to retain 5 sets of memory for restore. Users can simply select the pre-named number and recall all the settings.