The TAP-2S tap density tester designed for powder /granule tapping or bulk density tests in compliance with USP, BP, and EP.

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TAP-2S is designed for USP Methods I and II. The system comes complete with interchangeable 100 ml and 250 ml glass cylinders and holders.

When in motion, the cylinder simultaneously taps and rotates. Ensures that the testing material is packed evenly throughout the cylinder and leveled with the cylinder surface for direct reading.

The TAP-2SP tap density tester comes with a printer, which documents all the test data.

In operation, the user loads the powder or granules into the cylinder and places it on the platform. The test time or the number of taps is easily entered using the instrument’s keypad. The run parameters indicate clearly on the LED display in real time.

The cylinders are driven by a silent step motor, which sets at 250 (USP Method II) or 300 (USP Method I) strokes per minute. Units may be purchased to perform either USP Method I or USP Method II on both platforms, and a combination of the two methods on a single unit.