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Inhibition Zone Reader

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Inhibition Zone Reader

Detection on all Petri dishes

Scan Automatically detects the peni-cylinders, present or removed, made of steel or plastic. It also reads agar wells or paper disks (any brand). Add/remove disks manually. The inhibition zones can also be resized. Scan 1200 allows reading on blood, chocolate or Mueller Hinton agar.



Scan®is an inhibition zone reader for antimicrobial susceptibility testing. It enables checking the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics and offers quick, traceable and complete results to validate a medical choice.

In compliance with CFR 21 part 11, EUCAST, CA-SFM, ISO 7218, ISO 4887-2

Automatic separation of confluent colonies

Automatic elimination of counting grids

21 CFR Part 11 included

The Scan software responds to FDA recommendations, including electronic signatures, audit trails, and security of results. User account management is integrated into the software. The supervisor can manage accounts and passwords directly, without always calling on the network administrator.


Polygonal exclusion areas

  • Automatic detection of paper disks (all brands simultaneously), wells, peni-cylinders (steel, plastic), customizable, add/substract manually
  • Inhibition zone reader : automatic with possible manual check-up
  • Number of antibiotic paper disks: up to 8 antibiotics on a 90 mm Petri dish
  • Reading time: 8 inhibition zone reading in 1 – 3 seconds
  • Interpretation system : CA-SFM Human health / EUCAST / CA-SFM Veterinary / customizable list
  • Security of data: saving of all changes in compliance with CFR 21 recommendations /
  • Results / Traceability : image / sample number & antibiotic name / bacteria name / read diameter / result with

category SIR by color code (Sensitive / Intermediate / Resistant) / critical diameter mini and maxi /comments / date / time



  • All stainless steel body
  • Color HD CCD camera
  • HD japanese lens
  • Digital zoom x28 (enabling to read the letters on the disks)
  • Resolution : 1.2 mega-pixels
  • Counting time: 1000 colonies per second
  • Minimum size of colony: 0.05 mm
  • Lighting system: long-life white LEDs / Dark Field
  • Lighting system: automatic 6 combinations, top and/or bottom light, white or black background
  • Counting: automatic with manual control
  • Results / data export: Scan® recountable file, PDF report, jpeg, png, bmp, ExcelTM
  • LIMS connection
  • USB connection
  • Counting on Petri dishes (55 – 90 mm)
  • Spiral® plating
  • Color detection: 7 colors on the same dish
  • Counting on chromogenic medium
  • Inhibition zone measurement
  • Counting on PetriFilmTM
  • Counting on RIDATM Count
  • Counting on Compact DryTM
  • Counting on filtration membrane